Bulkamid Online Training Foundation Course (Physicians)

Course Information

The Bulkamid Online Training Foundation Course for Physicians provides the knowledge and familiarization with the Bulkamid Urethral Bulking System. The training is for urologists and urogynecologists experienced in the treatment of urinary incontinence in women.

The training provides an important foundation of understanding in what makes Bulkamid different from other stress urinary incontinence procedures and ensuring that you are set up for success for you and your patients. 

The foundation course for clinicians include:

  • An overview of the manufacturing of Bulkamid Hydrogel
  • How to prep and set up the Bulkamid Urethral Bulking System prior to use in patients
  • An overview of the Bulkamid and how it is different from particulate bulking agents
  • Clinical data – an in depth review of Bulkamid’s clinical data
  • The Bulkamid technique as performed in the Bulkamid vs TVT RCT
  • Considerations for treating the modern day patient
  • The Bulkamid treatment from a patient’s perspective

This information is not intended to replace the Instruction For Use (IFU).  Please refer to the IFU for the indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, instructions and other information. To view the IFU, please click here. 

Course Instructor

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